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Prepare yourself for some acute retail therapy and brace yourself to be spoilt by the choices that Derry City offers for the most professional shopaholic. The city is renowned for its shopping centres that have something to suit every pocket and every taste. It does not matter whether you are visiting Derry for a pleasure trip or hosting a business meeting; it makes sense to book a hotel at least a month before your arrival date. It ensures that you can select a hotel that lies in the heart of the city, as this permits you to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions the city boasts of as well as shop to your heart's content. Find below some tips that will help you select from the best derry city centre hotels. All of them have their online presence so you only have to visit their website, select the date on which you plan to reach the city and the date on which you plan to leave it and choose one of the many types of rooms available.

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What is a hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment that provides accommodation as well as other services for tourists and travellers. You should always check for the number of stars the hotel has. For example, a 5-star hotel will provide you with many more amenities compared to a lower star one. You will have to pay more for staying in a higher starred hotel. You also need to check whether the hotel offers conference room facilities, especially if you are booking it to host your business conference. You should also ensure that the hotel lies close to shopping centres, popular tourist spots, and other entertainment facilities such as restaurants. You can easily judge the quality of a hotel by reading the testimonials written by people who have already stayed in it.

What features are common in hotels?

Some of the features that should be common in all hotels irrespective of their star grading include free breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, a television in the room, etc. Therefore, make sure what facilities the hotel you plan to book offers before you book a room in it. You should check whether the hotel permits pets, especially if you plan to take your canine friend along with you. It is a good idea to book a hotel that offers free transportation from and to the airport as this allows you to save a hefty sum that you would have otherwise spent on transportation costs. Remember, the heart of Derry lies a significant distance away from the airport.

Why do people use hotels?

People use hotels as accommodation when they visit other cities. They also use the conference room of hotels when they want to host a conference. They typically use it when they visit a different city for tourism or business purposes. Since Derry is chock full of tourists throughout the year, ensure that you book a room in one of the Derry City centre hotels several weeks before your trip.