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Why You Need This Detox Shampoo

May 16, 2018


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The first thing most people want to do when they hear that they going to get tested for drugs is a detox. If you are going to have a hair follicle test which is fairly common with many companies, then you basically need to detox your hair. While this sounds fairly simple and instant, the truth is it is a process that requires effort, and ultimately will cause damage to hearing. However, if possible the hair follicle test is important enough to you, you will be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. It should also be noted that even though damage to your hair will occur, you can still nourish, rehydrate and rejuvenate your hair afterward. However, if you are not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, then it would be best to discontinue the use of cannabis as soon as you have been made aware of the hair follicle test.

The question is when it comes to finding the best detox shampoos out there, can it be done. In fact, do detox shampoos actually work. THC is extremely potent, and it should be noted that skin to skin contact with anyone that has or is currently consuming cannabis should be avoided. THC can also be transferred from one person to another in the form of metabolites on here.

In extreme cases, people who are desperate to pass a hair follicle test resort to using harsh and abrasive detergents on their hair. You should note that using these detergents on your hair is extremely bad for your hair and your body. So if you can avoid them at all costs, try to do so. However, if you absolutely need to pass a hair follicle test and you would like to get your hair detoxed, you can attempt it by using detox shampoos.

Detox shampoos are designed to get rid of traces of certain drugs such as cannabis or THC for up to eight hours by using a simple two-step process. One of these detox shampoos made by Clear Choice is a hair follicle shampoo. It is extremely popular with people who are going for hair follicle tests and has been around since 1993.

Nexxus has also come up with the Aloe Rid shampoo is another popular choice for detoxing your hair. However, it is priced much higher than the first option. It is set to eliminate medicines, environmental pollutants and many other stresses from the hair.

So ultimately while this detox shampoo and others do work and may help you pass a hair follicle test, the best and most sure-fire way to do so is to stay away from cannabis until your test is over.

Facts About Detox Shampoos

May 16, 2018


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Having to take a drug test knowing that you have THC present in your hair and body is no fun at all. Thankfully, there is a strategy that is designed to get rid of the substance in your hair, and it has to do with treating your scalp. However, the overall condition of your scalp plays a huge role in how effective this treatment is. If your scalp is dry, it can cause your hair to break or reabsorb toxins. This is why good scalp health is vitally important. The scalp provides natural oils that rehydrate the hair and minimizes the heat that can damage it. So when you detox your scalp, it’s possible to keep it clean by getting rid of toxins, THC substances, other debris and unfavorable oil. When it comes to using heat on your scalp, such as cutting and straightening products, can tend to dry out your scalp and hair. This can make it harder for certain toxins to be removed from your hair. However, by finding the right detox shampoo to clean out the substances from your here, it is possible to pass a hair follicle test.

Many people swear by the shampoo called Aloe Rid. They claim that the product opens up cuticles in the scalp and allows shampoo to get in and properly remove traces of cannabis from the cortex. So ultimately, it is a deep cleaning process that gets rid of unwanted substances from you here. It is also designed not to damage your hair. Since the shampoo contains aloe and avocado oil, not only does it moisturize and clear toxins, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. The avocado oil has omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your hair. It’s also good for people with sensitive skin.

So as you can see if you’re looking to tightly detox your hair and possibly hair follicle test, it really is worth it to invest in a reputable detox shampoo. Detox shampoos are designed to get rid of toxins and traces of drugs from them while at the same time promoting hair growth and nourishing you hear from you to tip. If you would like more information on how this works, you can refer to information found at Ultimately, when it comes to detox shampoos. This article is simply an overview. Prior to using any detox shampoo or any of the product that claims to help you positive hair follicle test, you should do your homework thoroughly. Only once you are 100% sure of the product, should you proceed to use it on your here.