3 Tips For Identifying The Right Shampoo For Hair Drug Test

October 3, 2017


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How does a detox shampoo for hair work? If you want to avoid complications in an upcoming drug test and are checking out Aloe Rid Shampoo review online, then you need to know the answer to this question before you proceed ahead to finalize the purchase.

To understand how detox shampoo works, you need to understand how traces of drugs can end up in your hair follicle in the first place. Just as the blood transports nutrients to all parts of the body, any drug or drugs that you may consume too gets distributed to all your body parts including your hair. Now, you may not realize it but your hair draws nutrients from the body’s digestive and circulation system for its growth. This is how drugs can end up in the hair follicle, which, when tested, will show up a positive result.

To assess whether a detox shampoo product is reliable or not, you need to ask the following questions before buying the product.

Does it Work on the Hair Shaft?

A single strand of your hair can be divided into various parts and components like hair roots, the shaft, the tip etc. The hair drug test is conducted on the hair shaft, which means the shampoo that you use should remove traces of the drug from the shaft. A shampoo that does a good job on the tip but does not cleanse the shaft may not be of any use for you.

The smartest option is to clarify this point in advance before finalizing the purchase. The last thing you want is to go into a drug test thinking that you have taken care of the issue by using the detox shampoo only to discover a positive result. Knowing that you may fail the test is one thing. To end up with a surprisingly positive test can be impossible to smooth over at your workplace.

Does it Cleanse the Entire Follicle?

Since the hair grows from the inside of your head, it is obvious that the tip of the hair started growing a lot earlier than the part that is closed to your scalp. Now, the hair drug test focuses on the most recent 1.5 inches of your follicle.

Now, men and women who have long hair may use this to their advantage. However, if you have short hair, then this approach may result in a situation where the entire strand is tested for drugs. This means drugs that you consumed around three months ago too may show up in the results.

Of course, all the test will reveal is that there are traces of drugs in your hair without really indicating how old the traces are. You may end up facing action at work and may even get fired for violating the company’s drug usage policy when the truth is that the drug test is to blame for the flawed approach.

To minimize the risk of complications, the detox shampoo that you intend to buy should cleanse the entire follicle including the hair shaft. This will ensure there is zero risk of any complication at the time of the test.

Is it Easy to Use?

Ideally, you should be in a position to use the detox shampoo on a regular basis without any significant changes to your lifestyle. This is particularly important if you are subject to surprise drug test at work without a long advance notice. If you are told in the evening that you will have to undergo a hair drug test when entering the office, then you will have just 12-14 hours to plan the process.

Using a shampoo that can be applied daily or regularly like a normal shampoo will ensure you just have to wash your hair a few times through the night to be completely safe during the test. Any other setup involving the application of smelly oils or other procedures can be impossible to follow, especially on a short notice.

These three questions will help you identify the right detox shampoo for hair drug test without any difficulty. You can combine this research with online Aloe Rid Shampoo review that provides detailed info about this particular product. Once you have the necessary details in hand, you just need to place the order online, receive delivery, and start using the product without any hassles or complications.