Can you test for testosterone at home?

Testosterone is an important hormone in the biological and psycho-spiritual makeup of human beings. This is especially true for men, as they naturally produce greater levels of the testosterone than women. In many ways, testosterone is the hormone of masculinity. It is responsible for a host of benefits and functions for men, such as the regulation of sexuality and sexual drive, producing red blood cells, and reducing the risk of hair loss to name a few. Some of the other benefits of healthy testosterone levels in men include the following:

– A Healthy Sex-Drive

A man’s sex drive is driven by his testosterone level, and without it, he is unable to perform sexually and enjoy the sexual experience fully, finding it more pleasurable.

– A Healthy Metabolism

Increased metabolism is also a benefit of testosterone levels in men. Men with healthier levels of testosterone have a higher metabolism and are consequently better at metabolizing fat and building muscle. This is great for helping men to maintain a healthy weight and body fat percentage as they age.

– Increased Stamina

In addition to the other physical benefits listed above, testosterone also increases endurance for men when they engage in physical activity – be it sexual or in a gym. Being able to stick with physically demanding tasks and fight fatigue can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.

– Increased Concentration

Testosterone affects men both physically and mentally. Increased ability to concentrate on tasks for longer periods will ensure that the men can perform physically and mentally.

Here’s Why Men Should Do Testosterone Testing At Home

1. Prudence and general good health

Given the benefits of testosterone in men as mentioned above, it would make sense that being able to measure and monitor testosterone levels in the body could help their health. By knowing what their testosterone levels are, versus what they should be, men will be enabled to take the supplements needed to increase their testosterone levels where they are too low. Importantly, testosterone levels in men begin to dip as they age. Current reports show that testosterone levels can begin to dip significantly as soon as a man hits 30 years of age.

2. Privacy

Understandably, some men do not regularly test their testosterone levels when they visit the doctor for a number of reasons, including not knowing that they should or being embarrassed to do so. To avoid not testing for whatever reason, men can opt to test their testosterone levels at home using a home testosterone test kit.

Getting a Testosterone Testing at Home Kit

Thankfully, testosterone test kits are not difficult to find. Increased information and reviews on available kits can be found at From there, men can have a look at the best available kits and choose the ones best suited to them.