Do I Have A Problem With Alcohol?

There are many reasons people start drinking alcohol. It is not difficult for drinking to become a problem. The first step toward better health and a better life begins by acknowledging a problem exists.

Do I Have A Problem With Alcohol?

Some people believe they are fine if they only drink certain beverages, or only drink at specific times. These beliefs are not true. It is the way you are affected by alcohol that makes it a problem.

Start by asking yourself some questions, and be completely truthful with the answers. The clearest sign of a drinking problem is not being able to control or limit your drinking. Perhaps you plan to have one drink or two drinks, but find you drink much more than you had planned. It is not easy for you to stop after one or two drinks.

Second, ask yourself if you make excuses for your drinking. Perhaps you make a point of going to places where you know alcohol will be served, or avoid places where alcohol is not present. Perhaps you choose friends who drink over people who do not. Perhaps you drink in settings where drinking is inappropriate.

Ask yourself, also, about the consequences of your drinking habits. Perhaps you argue, withdraw, and do not get along well with others when you have been drinking. Perhaps you have lost time from work or school, neglected family responsibilities, or received tickets for driving under the influence.

These are some of the most common signs of a drinking problem.

Help Is Available

Depending on your particular situation, there are numerous sources of help for individuals with drinking problems. One example is Alcoholics Anonymous. AA has existed for many decades and has helped people all over the world recover from alcoholism.

AA is a 12-Step program based on peer support. If you want the most benefits from AA, start by asking someone to be your sponsor. The sponsor should have long-term, quality sobriety. It is suggested you choose a sponsor who is the same gender as yourself. Your sponsor will introduce you to the principles of AA and help you work through the steps.

To succeed in AA, acquire the literature. You can buy The Big Book, or borrow it from a library. You will learn what is expected of you in AA, as well as the history of the program.

Acknowledging a problem is the first step to recovery. Working the steps, and participating in the fellowship, will help you reach your goals. No matter how long you have been drinking, you can become sober and stay sober.